Spring 2014 Garden Photos

Post date: Apr 17, 2014 6:51:41 AM

Despite the terrible drought, our garden is in wonderful bloom this spring.  I've posted the pictures to a Flickr album.

Most exiting to me is the new garden we planted by the kitchen.  We pulled out part of the driveway and set up slightly raised beds.  I planted perennials and sowed annual wildflower seeds last fall.  With regular watering, it's turned into a lush, lively space.  We can watch the insects and hummingbirds out the kitchen window — such a wonderful improvement from looking onto asphalt!  Wildflowers in bloom include claytonias, gilias, layias, phacelias, nemophilas, and collinsias.  Perennials include iris, heucheras, penstemons, eriognonums, and mimulus.

We made a special effort to deep-water our trees and shrubs, and that was enough to keep our Wildflowering LA hillside in color.  Lots of flowers are visible from the street: poppies, clarkias, phacelias, and claytonias.  

Some of my favorite pictures this spring:

Poppies and Collinsias

So many shades of green, yellow, and grey

Gilias and Layia