Death Valley Superbloom 2016

Post date: Mar 20, 2016 10:33:39 PM

I took a day off of work so that Jude and I could take a (very long) single-day trip to the Mojave Desert and Death Valley to see the “superbloom”.  It was amazing.  This was Jude’s first time to Death Valley, and I was last there on a Boy Scout camping trip in 1980. 

The desert landscape is stark and geologic, the earth-tone colors of grey and brown, red, black, and white.  I was drawn to the forms of the mountains, many of them striped with volcanic and sedimentary strata.  I connected with the landscape much more as a 50 year-old than a 14 year-old.

Jude captured my joy among the rocks and flowers.

In the areas of the superbloom, there is a hazy yellow tint overlay in the washes and alluvial fans.  When we got close, we could see that the land was dotted with desert sunflowers, bright fist-sized flowers suspended 2-3 feet above the ground on wiry stems.

We took a break at the Furnace Creek Inn for an espresso.  One outlying building burned down last year, but the rest of the inn has a quality of old grandeur, with a bit of The Shining mixed in.

More photos on Flickr: Death Valley Superbloom 2016