Maps and Geology

I was fascinated with maps at a very young age — I think I read maps before I read books.  That led me to study geology in college and grad school.  For a time I combined geology and programming with my Seismic Plugin software.  Though I'm no longer a professional geologist, I maintain my interest in geography and geology.

My Work

  • Seismic Plugin software — developed 1994-2001, no longer active
  • "Low-cost approach to depth correction of printed seismic sections", Offshore Magazine, February 2000.  Reference list:
    • Lieske, Jay, Jr., Neil Lundberg, and Donald L. Reed (1992), "Backthrusting in the submarine Taiwan orogeny," Acta Geologica Taiwanica, no. 30.
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    • Shaw, John H., Frank Bilotti, and Peter A. Brennan (1999), "Patterns of imbricate thrusting," Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol. 111, no. 8.
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